Our new house has HUGE walls and a HUGE fireplace and it’s awesome.  Whats not awesome is the price tag of huge wall décor and mirrors.  I’m talking upwards of $450. Nope not happening.

I wanted something easy, and huge. Because, in all honesty I let it sit lonely and sad for far too long while I looked for the “perfect mirror”.  I went to Lowes and purchased nearly the largest frameless mirror I could find.  This one is 48″ L x 36″ W and was about$55.  I also purchased some 2×2, and 1×4’s to frame it out. All together it was under $80.

Cut 2 2×2’s at 45 degrees not parallel, and 2 2X2’s at also 45 degrees not parallel. If you have a router, use it. Mine is broken, so I used my table saw to cut out 1/2″ groove along my first four 2×2’s.

Glue, and attach with 2 screws. Once dry stain entire piece-including the groove. Occasionally that raw wood can peak through and reflect on your mirror surface so don’t skip this step. I went ahead and glued the mirror at this step. I was running off to do something else so I had time to let it sit.

Next, measure your 1X4’s to fit, they should be about ___. I used my Kreg jig to attach these with 1 1/4″ screws and glue. Make sure the 1×4’s are flush with the back of your mirror, to give it the dimension you need in front.

Again, cut your last set of 2×2’s to fit. approximately ____. attach these with your Kreg jig on the sides, I also drove some 2″ screws on the outside to help anchor it all together. Let dry, lightly sand and stain. I love the flat black from General Finishes. It’s water based and doesn’t give me a headache. It’s worth the extra $$ for a faster drying time, easy clean-up and feeling better.

If you are hanging this on your mantel I recommend anchoring it well. I really like the HILMAN picture hanging system. They come in various sizes depending on your weight requirements. It’s super easy to hang and comes with its own level. It always ensures I have it hung properly and straight.

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