These things are all the rage on Etsy.  So cute, but so freaking expensive!  These are literally just cuts of wood sanded down with ¾ holes.  They are insanely easy, and an 8′ stick will cost less than $20. Your investment of time is about 30 minutes.

The sky is the limit here as far as customization goes.  You can use all types of lumber and colors to make anything from modern, to shabby chic.  My house is a bit more modern farmhouse in style, so I went for a darker stain and added some chunky little feet.

First cut your lumber to the desired length, this one is 36″. Next, you want to plan out where those candles are going to go. I measured the center horizontally, and drew a line straight across. I also measured every 2 inches along that line and marked it. After that, I used a 2×2 scrap to measure out from the sides, approximately 1 1/4″ in between your center holes.

Next, drill your holes with a 3/4 wood boring spade bit.

If adding feet, now is the time to do that.  You can use square scraps as feet, or what I did with mine was miter the edges at about 10 degrees. Sand and distress, THEN attach.  Its much harder to distress when they are attatched.

I used the same drill bit to bore a hole in the feet to countersink my screws. You could also attach with a nail gun and glue.

 Finish as desired and let dry completely before adding those candles-keep in mind some stain will off-gas for quite a while.  You do not want flames around stain that is not completely dry. I used one of my favorite quick and easy stains from Minwax. Enjoy! 

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